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Isabel is in her third full year with OCC after spending two years at Cal Baptist University and Rosary High School. Her college career included Riverside Community College, where she earned her A.A. degree in humanities, Cal State Fullerton, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training and Cal Baptist University, where she received her Master's degree in kinesiology.

Who has been a major influence on you and why? "Every institution that I was a part of has influenced me in some way. I may have moved on but part of who I am comes from some very important mentors. At Cal State Fullerton, Dr. Robert Kersey taught me that that life was about choices…and I was responsible for owning those choices. At Cal Baptist, Dr. Nicole MacDonald & Jolene Dickert showed me that women can work in this profession and be successful while actively being involved with their families. Last but certainly not least ... Guido Sendowsky first inspired me to become an athletic trainer when I started the certificate program at RCC. He demonstrated what it meant to put student athletes first and how to be a mentor to student athletic trainers.” 

Since becoming an athletic trainer what accomplishment or achievement are you most proud of? "I am most proud of the OCC Sports Medicine Club. Members of the club continually surprise me as they work towards their career goals. Watching them mature and represent the profession of athletic training in a positive way is genuinely gratifying as their instructor and mentor."

 What is your favorite part of your job? "Student athletes are the best part of my job! Getting to interact with them is always entertaining and gives me a true sense of purpose."



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No longer the "rookie" of the training trio, Chaz is in the midst of his second year with the Pirates. It didn't take Chaz long to find himself completely immersed in the culture. He has become very involved with the OCC Sports Medicine Club, which is an integral part of the athletic training program at OCC. He loves sharing his passion for athletic training with the students in the club and watching his athletes' successes on and off the field.

Prior to coming to Coast, Chaz attended Chapman University, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in athletic training. From there, he attended Concordia University, where he completed his MCAA Master's program. Prior to starting at Coast, Chaz was the head athletic trainer at Servite High School, where he was a part of over 15 CIF titles from 2008-2016.

Who has been a major influence on you and why? "My single biggest influence on the success of his athletic training career is Dr. Ky Kugler, Chapman University. Dr. Kugler was the Director of the Chapman University Athletic Training Education Program while I was working on my undergraduate degree. It wasn't Dr. Kugler's degrees or resume that propelled me into this profession. It was the fact that he taught me that a regular guy, passionate about athlete safety and care, could be in the profession of athletic training." 

Did you play sports? "Yes I did. After lettering in track and field and football at Punahou School, I attended Chapman University, where I played on the football team in 2007 and 2008." 

What are your biggest accomplishments in athletic training thus far? "I helped implement Servite High School's first comprehensive concussion protocol and I introduced the implementation of the Catapult athlete tracking technology at the school, which I was unable to see through to completion."



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Lisa Donaldson is in her first full year with OCC after spending one year at Concordia University Irvine as a graduate assistant and the last two years at Saddleback College.  Lisa Donaldson grew up in Wisconsin where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine Athletic Training from Concordia Wisconsin, and her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Concordia Irvine.  Lisa is an avid Green Bay Packers fan and loves to spend quality time outdoors running, hiking, and fishing. 

Who has been a major influence on you and why? "I have been very fortunate to have many mentors that came into my life at every institution that I have been a part of.  My single biggest influence on the success of my athletic training career is owed to Dr. Katherine Liesener, the Program Director at Concordia University Wisconsin.   Dr. Katherine Liesener was the very individual who knew I was meant to do this profession before I even knew myself, and was the one who introduced me to the career of athletic training.  She taught me that you can be a successful woman in this field through professionalism and a strong work ethic, and that no matter how many times you fail, to believe in yourself and always keep trying.  Most importantly; I would not be in this state of California without her continued support as she believed in me more than I believed in myself to move cross country and start my journey as a certified athletic trainer.  She instilled leadership skills in me and demonstrated the importance of networking through a wide variety of healthcare professionals to learn the most you can learn and to help progress yourself within the career of athletic training.”

Did you play sports? “Yes I did.  I played many sports growing up, but my two favorite that I continued to pursue at Concordia University Wisconsin were Basketball and Soccer.”

What is your favorite part of your job? “Being able to see the face of the student-athlete who steps back onto the court or field again for the first time after enduring a long and hard rehabilitation process is by far my favorite part of the job. Our job as an athletic trainer is more than just helping to fix their injury and return them to sport.  Our job is to help motivate them, push them, progress them, support them, and sometimes to be that soundboard to let their frustration and emotions out too.  Helping our athlete’s back to a full recovery and seeing their happiness as they are back doing what they love and are the most passionate about, and being able to share that with them makes all the hard work, painful, and exhausting days of rehab 100% worth it.”