Academic Counseling For Student-Athletes

Dear Student-Athlete,
Welcome to Orange Coast College and the beginning of your academic and athletic career as a Pirate!
The faculty, staff and coaches at Orange Coast College have a strong commitment to student-athletes and are dedicated to supporting the young men and women who compete on our 25 teams. We want to do whatever we can to help our student-athletes reach their academic, personal and athletic goals.
To this end, beyond our excellent coaches and athletic administration, Orange Coast College makes it a priority to have a counselor for student-athletes. I'm happy to serve in that role - to be your "academic coach", so to speak.
I was a two-sport collegiate athlete, served as an assistant basketball coach for three years at OCC and worked with student-athletes for five and a half years at Long Beach State before coming to OCC in 2001. My two sons, Thomas and Drew, are natural athletes ... in other words, I really like working with and getting to know athletes! Thomas' focus is baseball, while Drew's focus is basketball.
Since I know what it's like to be in your shoes, I understand how hard it is to balance studies with practices and games. I also understand, for some of you, what it's like to throw work on top of that. I want to support you while you work through the challenges that you will face during your time here at OCC and beyond.
I also want to help you understand eligibility at the community college level as well as future NCAA and NAIA rules. What you do or don't do here at OCC affects whether or not you can play at the next level. Additionally, I want to help you understand what it takes to transfer - both academically and athletically.
I love what I do. I love supporting you as athletes and I love supporting you as students. Most importantly, I love supporting you as people.
Good luck in all your endeavors here at Orange Coast College. I look forward to getting to know you and meeting with you soon and often!

stacy kirch Stacy Kirch
Counselor for Student-Athletes
(714) 432-5779