Helpful Hints

Things to Consider to Be Successful as a Student -Athlete….  

1.  Set yourself up for success by registering in classes that are neither too challenging nor too easy.

  • too challenging speaks for itself; too easy, you'll get bored and tend to do worse than if you'd been challenged.
  • don't know what's too challenging or too easy? - see Stacy for suggestions. 


2.  Set yourself up for success by registering in a balanced schedule that takes into account actual class time, time needed to study, practice time, time needed to commute and park, work time, and "down time."

  • remember what your priorities are.
  • not sure how to build a balanced schedule? - see Stacy for help. 

3.  Know the rules!
  • be aware of OCC and instructor deadlines, policies, and procedures as they relate to dropping and adding classes, payment of fees, pre-requisites, being gone from or late to class, cheating, etc.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO THE SYLLABUS OF EACH OF YOUR CLASSES!be aware of the rules you must follow to be eligible to compete in your sport.must be enrolled in at least 12 units - at least 9 units taken each semester should be academic courses (non-PE/non-activity courses)did you register for the NCAA Clearinghouse? are you a "qualifier" or "non-qualifier"?
  •  are you a "4-2-4" transfer student?
  •  do you know the difference between "grayshirting" and "redshirting"? 
  • confused or unsure about any of these terms or rules? - see Stacy and your coaches for help.

4.  GO TO CLASS!!! Successful students go to every class on time and consistently study (10 hours per week or more) outside of class.   

5.  We're here to help you!! Seek help early!! If you don't know, ask!!!   

Contact Stacy Kirch at (714) 432-5779 or at