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Athletic Training Program

The objective of the Athletic Training Program at Orange Coast College is to prepare students to transfer into an accredited curriculum of Athletic Training at a state college or university . Opportunity for academic, as well as hands on experiences with the OCC athletic teams, are available for students. Students will also gain fundamental skills applicable to other alterative career options such as physical therapy, chiropractics, orthopedics, and sport massage therapy.
The following classes are offered for students interested in Athletic Training.

Kinesiology 272 - Movement Analysis (3)

Introduction to the musculo-skeletal system and its function in human movement. Analysis of movements in sport skills and the muscles and bones involved. Three hours. Transfer Credit: CSU; UC Credit Limitation.

Kinesiology 273 - Sports Medicine (3)

Technique and theory of care and prevention of athletic injuries. Includes the use of various therapeutic modalities for therapy and prevention of injury through strength and flexibility exercise. Three hours. Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

Kinesiology 274 - Athletic Taping and Modalities (3)

The entry-level theory and technique of athletic strapping and physiological effects and the use of therapy modalities. Instruction in the use of ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/cold, and whirlpool. Three hours lecture, one hour non-lecture. Transfer Credit: CSU.

Kinesiology 275/276/277/278 - Sports Medicine Practicum (2-4)

Designed to provide clinical experience for students interested in sports-related injury care and prevention. Experiences will include taping for prevention of injury, use of modalities, and exercise programs in rehabilitation of injuries. One hour lecture, three to nine hours non-lecture. Transfer Credit: CSU.