Thank you to everyone from the OCC Family

Thank you to everyone from the OCC Family

"There is no way to describe the pain, sadness and anguish that everyone here at OCC experienced when we all heard the news that our longtime baseball coach, John Altobelli, his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa were killed, along with six others, in a helicopter crash on Sunday, Jan. 26.

Just over one month later, there is equally no way to describe the outpouring of generosity, love and support we all have received from our community, our country and throughout the world following this tragedy. The amazing acts of kindness we've seen and experienced will NEVER be forgotten and it's something we are all still experiencing to this day.

There is no way we can properly say THANK YOU to the thousands and thousands of messages, emails and letters so please, to everyone who has offered their time, their efforts, their love and their support … thank you so very much.  The Altobelli family says thank you … and the OCC Pirate family says thank you.

Our campus will continue to preserve John's memory and legacy by continuing to push forward through this tragedy and be an positive representative of our college and our community. That's what John did for us – we will proudly do it for him."


RIP, Alto, Keri and Alyssa … you will always be Forever Pirates.