Miri Inoue, Women's Tennis

Miri Inoue, Women's Tennis


1. Who/What got you interested in your sport and when did you start playing?

"My parents inspired me to play the sport. They taught me how to play tennis and they gaveme an opportunity to play more competitively."

2. If you weren't playing your sport, what other sport would you want to play at the college level?

"If I wasn't playing tennis, I'd play golf because my parents also enjoy playing golf."

3. What makes your head coach the type of coach you love to play for?

"Our coach is very helpful and gives me great advice during my matches as well as outside the courts."

4. What are you majoring in and what's your favorite class?

"I'm majoring in business at the moment but it might change. My favorite class is film."

5. What is your perfect pre-match meal?

"I usually have rice and chicken."

6. What do you enjoy doing when you're not in school or playing your sport?

"I enjoy watching movies at the theatres and going to the beach." 

7. Walk us through your pre-game warm-up ...

"I usually do my pre-match routines with my teammates and some stretches. I listen to my favorite songes and that gets me ready."

8. Top three movies are ... ?

"The Greatest Showman; Fast and Furious; and Home Alone."

9. What is the plan once you graduate?

"I'm planning to transfer to a university that I like and hopefully, I get to play tennis for them."

10. What is your leadership style?

"I like to lead by communicating with my teammates."